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OK - If you want to learn how to have fun, read below...

We do it big and we do it in style!
Don't believe us? Plan a trip to Melbourne, and we'll make sure you'll have a hell of a time.

If you have photos of our events that you would like to submit, please email

10-11 was a huge success, with creative events organised. Every event was organised with immaculate attention to detail. Check out some of our photos and read about the great times we had.

BRING ON 2012!

To even greater times ahead! Cheers!


Annual General Meeting
Sunday, 14th August 2011

Shahenshahi New Year Function
Saturday, 27th August 2011


Past Events:

Year 10-11
3 Gahambar + Jashan
3 Navrooz function
3 Jashan
3 Khordad Sal Mubarak Function
Year 09-10
3 Community Night
3 Gahambar + Jashan
3 Navrooz Function
3 Khordad Sal Mubarak Function
Year 08-09
3 ZAV - Parliament of World Religions
3 Community Night
3 Oric L'vov-Basirov (Notes)
3 Khordad Sal Mubarak Function
3 Gahambar - Jashan
3 Navroz Function
3 ZAV 30 Years Celebrations
3 New Year Function
3 Dina McIntyre Documents
3 Annual General Meeting
3 Parsa Market
3 Gahambar
3 Jashan
2 Navroze Function
Year 07-08
Bhel Puri + Tina Mehta's visit
Navroze Function
Annual General Meeting
Year 05-06
Bingo Night
Red Carpet Night
Jamshedi Navroze & April Fool's Fiesta
Zoroastrian Valentine Gala
Dr. Jehan Bagli's visit to Melbourne
Year 04-05
New Year Gala
Parsa Market
Youth interstate meet
Year 04
Papeti Function
Mamaiji ni Vividh Vani


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